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My name is Anna Niceley Barreiro.  I am a mother, wife, chef, baker, and third generation farmer.  I grew up on Riverplains Farm with my mom and dad, two sisters, and paternal uncles (who are really more like 2nd fathers to me).  Over the years many changes have taken place, from being a commercial dairy in the 70's and 80's, shifting to beef cattle and large-scale, conventional vegetable crops in the 90's, to now being a completely chemical-free, diversified, pasture-based operation.  When I was younger especially, there were  a lot of equestrian activities on the farm, and horses were a huge part of my childhood.  It wasn't until after I graduated from college, with a degree in Communications, Law, Economics, and Government, then spent several more years searching for my place in the world, that I finally discovered health and nutrition while working in a health food store.  As I learned about the health benefits of grass-fed beef I realized that my parents had been right on track, always raising and finishing their beef cows on grass.  With the realization that I too could raise beef cows on grass and not only continue what they'd started, but hopefully grow the business more into the mainstream, I decided to go back to the farm and do just that.  I guess you could say the rest is history.  I convinced my fiance to move to Tennessee with me, we got married, had two daughters, and have been working our way into being a part of the farm ever since.  I now own a small herd of pasture-finished hogs and a herd of beautiful pure-bred Black Angus Grass Fed beef cows. My uncle, Bill Niceley, also raises Belted Galloway cattle at Riverplains.  In addition to the farming, I am passionate about cooking REAL FOOD.  I run Riverplains Farm Bakery and Catering; and in addition to the bakery, I provide personal chef services in people's homes for small parties and gatherings, and I cater both on and off the farm. Over the years I have become  a huge food snob so I only use the highest quality, all natural and organically grown ingredients that I can find! Including, of course, as much as I can from Riverplains Farm and other local farms.  And finally, somehow, I squeeze in homeschooling my two daughters.  You'd better believe that healthy cooking and eating is one of our most important subjects! You may be thinking, how do I do it all? Or even WHY? I do it because living a healthy and sustainable life is of the utmost importance to me, and I believe that it is my duty along with my husband, and no one else's, to teach my girls what they need to know in order to truly thrive.  Thankfully, I get a good bit help from my family, especially my mother and Uncle Bill, aka, the world best babysitters! I've created this website to help bring the farm's agricultural products to the world --both the unadulterated product straight from the land, as well as the delicious meals that I absolutely love to prepare.

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