At Riverplains Farm, chickens have always been a staple.  Anyone who's ever visited most likely has a memory of some sassy and friendly chicken strutting about, looking for a worm or a bug.  While yard chickens have, and likely always will be, a part of the farm, over the years Jennifer took on the role of egg-mobile entreprenuer and took the laying hens to the next level. These days our laying hens have the freedom to roam from pasture to pasture during the day, and then come back to their eggmobile at night.  We collect as many eggs as we can, which varies with the season.  Riverplains Farm eggs are used in all RPF Bakery products, and when there is a surplus they are available for purchase on the farm.  Please call ahead if you'd like to drive out to pick some up so I can make sure they are in stock!
$5.00/ dozen


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