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We have been blessed to find incredible heritage breed grower hogs from SKEENAH GAP FARMS, LLC in Blairsville, Ga., home of the endangered Large Black Hog species. Most of our piglets come from Skeenah Gap at around 8 weeks old. And on occasion we buy a few weaned piglets from our local pig farmer who raises primarily Yorkshire/Duroc/Hampshire crosses.  All of these piglets grow up in pastures with free access to soy-free, non-gmo grains.

While we did try our hand at farrowing with several litters, we don't plan to keep breeding here on the farm for the time being. As long as Skeenah Gap Farms keeps raising the best quality pigs on the East coast, we will continue to buy their weaned piglets.  

Our delicious pork is sold fresh in the meat department at Three Rivers Market in Knoxville, TN.  On occasion, we will have some pork available for purchase off the farm, but that always goes super quick! So if you're interested in purchasing this amazing pork, reach out to us asap or head on over to Three Rivers Market!

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