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100% Grass Fed Beef , Pastured Heritage Breed Pork and more!

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No hormones, antibiotics, or chemical fertilizers, ever.


At Riverplains Farm, we have always understood the importance of grass feeding and finishing beef, even before it was popular!  Because cows are herbivores, their digestive tracts are designed to only process grass and forage. The cattle we raise are heritage breeds, both purebred Black Angus and Belted Galloway. That means their genetics have not been selected and altered to require more protein (i.e. grains such as corn and soy), and that they can easily thrive on healthy pastures.  The CLAs, Omega 3s, and vitamins such as A and D found in their meat are significantly higher than in their grain-finished counterparts. Our cows are also free of antibiotics, hormones, and chemicals.  For those eating a Paleo type diet, or simply a clean and healthy diet, our beef is the best quality you can find.

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No antibiotics, hormones, or chemicals fertilizers, ever.  Finished on pasture and non-GMO feed, these hogs spend the first part of their lives in an all natural, humanely raised, free range hog farm just down the road. These locally bred hogs finish their lives on about 5 acres of pasture at Riverplains Farm, where they get to graze, root, pigearate, roll in mud holes, and experience all of their natural pigness!

Here at Riverplains Farm, our first litter of piglets have been for the first time in years (spring 2022).  These pigs are being fed a supplemental diet of organically grown corn and soy free feed.  By the fall of 2022 we will be able to offer organically grown and soy free pork. Most of this pork will end up on the shelf at Three Rivers Market, and reservations for on farm sales will be made starting in October 2022. 

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This open-pollinated, heirloom corn (which is non-gmo), is grown in the fertile river bottoms at Riverplains Farm.  Some of it goes to a local whiskey distillery, some feeds the pigs and chickens, some becomes cornmeal and grits, and the rest is saved to re-plant the next year.  A sacred cycle unbroken, the saving of seed from one year to the next, the seed from this corn belongs to no corporation, only to nature and God.

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